Nike celebrates Black British sporting excellence from the past and present to inspire the future. I worked on development of the art direction, creative concept, creative strategy and designing of assets for this campaign.

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CSM GCD Degree Show

Central Saint Martins Graphic Communication Design course annual degree show. The concept behined the identity was to reflect the redesign of the course and the challenges students faced thought the years of studying.

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CSM GCD 2019


Perception By Machine

Inspired by psychologist R. L. Gregory's assertion that "information from the eye is coded into the language of the brain and reconstituted into our surrounding experience ". In response to this statement, I built a system that  interprets the depth and form of 2D images usually perceived by the human eye and brain, by rendering and projecting holograms of composite images.

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Failed drawing machine transformed into a sculpture, this was a process led project looking into upcycling old bisused bike-frames. Finding new creative uses for these discarded objects.

Input Output

Random encyclopaedia on unsystematic information - A website that uses a Wikipedia Api to retrieve information, that will then be manipulated by a system where words are removed or added.